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Admin Log

AdminLog is a general purpose utility for use as a bug tracker, managing projects, personal data management and more etc.

AdminLog is free - you can download, install and use it on an unrestricted basis.

Note: Source code is available for purchase. See Here for Technical Documentation of AdminLog for SQL Source Code.

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Source Code Now available!!!
The full VB6 source code for AdminLog is now available via Purchase Page

Upgrade to ChameleonLog

This product, the shareware version of AdminLog, includes real reports, xml import/export, better interface and more sophisticated data grids. Click Here for more info.

Download SQL edition
Download Access edition

Admin Log Features

  • Series tracking - allows for an initial item to create a "Thread" that may be traced back to original item.
  • Sophisticated filter enables users to get only the items that they want to see.
  • User defined categories for priority, status, item type, project and user.
  • Ability to set defaults, particular to each user, for quick population of forms.
  • Ability to extract data to MS Excel

Source Code Features

  • Scores of robust, documented and re-usable functions for database, string manipulation, listview control and key trapping
  • Reusable Transaction object ships with AdminLog for SQL to abstract ADO data access code
  • Scalable and multi-user stored query and stored procedure data access
  • Form2SQL code library adds dynamic, data driven population and validation of forms
  • Code to write recordset to MS Excel



Quick Info

Latest version:
14 Jan 2003

3.66 MB

Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows NT 4.0
Windows 2000
Windows XP


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